Young M.A’s Ex Catches Her Partying With Next Flame On Her “Philadelphia” Turf

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Young M.A's Ex Catches Her Partying With Next Flame On Her "Philadelphia" Turf
Young M.A

Young M.A was out in Philadelphia last night, living it up. As the Shade Room's been quick to note, the woman partying it up with Young M.A in the corresponding videos is none other than G Herbo's baby mother Ari. But the buck doesn't stop there – M.A has made the "steal ya ho" card a big part of her rap persona, so in the event, one of her "lyrics" becomes an objective reality, there's always the remote possibility someone catches a feeling, but hopefully never a body. The buck stops there.

Unfortunately, those aren't the views of Young M.A's ex-girlfriend Jade who just so happens to live in Philadelphia – always has. She caught wind of the fact M.A and Ari were partying close to her section, and it put her in an emotional state, and rightly so. So she did what any calm and lucid would do in her situation, and posted an Instagram story illustrating the cause of her disbelief: a simple need for courtesy. I've done the groundwork for an Instagram post (above) several characters too long.

Now, of course, none of us have any insight into Ari's private life, M.A's, or the bitter ex in this situation, but if someone you loved passed through without saying hello, you might catch a feel too. Worse yet, if that cold shoulder also happened to be "internationally-televised" you might have done the same. All the constituents involved in this mess should know better. Rappers are undateable, and Instagrammers are overly-volatile. It simply doesn't work.

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