G Perico & Polyester The Saint Draft The “Love Letter” Music Video

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G Perico's affinity for all things mellow and creased saw him craft his "Love Letter" single in November of last year. With Polyester The Saint fully committed to the cause, the next step was to paint the visual account of an unrequited love saga.

The video incorporates several elements at once: G Perico in a confessional boof bag, a camcorder recording of Polyester gaining his screen time, and a woman cast as the "number one fan." But true to form, G Perico doesn't force much an improbable ending, as much he probably feels deserving of one. The greatest takeaway here isn't emotional learning or the incessant G-Funk dynamics, but G Perico's ability to jump between the many fluid characters he's displayed thus far. For those who don't know, G Perico reps Los Angeles, and the So Way Out imprint he shares with his close collaborators, all to the utmost degree.

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