Lil Baby Lends His Hard Boiled Style To ADÉ’s “Something New”

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ADÉ scored some big names and put their right to work on an EP that marks a changing of the guard for the DMV mainstay formerly known as Phil Ade. On "Something New" with YSL's Lil Baby, ADÉ begins his plunge into a World filled with trap doors and false promises. As he did on the EP's lead single with Wale and GoldLink, ADÉ spends most the runtime wishing his brain function never goes dull.

Lil Baby's contribution to the song sees dial up his inflexible flow to a whole new speed, contrary to ADÉ's preferred staccato. He spoke with Complex about the EP's recurring theme(s) as predicted all within the first two songs.

"From my experience, I’ve always been able to have more peace and progress when I am focused on whatever good is going on in my life," he tells Complex. "When it seems like everything going on is negative, it’s easier to move forward when you are focused on the upside."

If you have someone like ADÉ in your life, hold back on giving them a cumbersome hug. Instead, give them some recording dollars and watch them light the studio afire. Check out the rest of Always Something while you're at it.

Quotable Lyrics:

Baby, I got 'em stealing swag
At least care to admit it but I ain't tripping
I been handling business
Feel like Young Thug, I'm running them digits
Drip down, got Chanel on my mans
Triples A's, rock them big ol' Balenc's.

– Lil Baby

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