Cardi B & Meek Mill Outrage Over Inmates Death Prompts Prison To Release Details

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Cardi B & Meek Mill Outrage Over Inmates Death Prompts Prison To Release Details
Rapper Meek Mill, Rapper Marlo, Quality Control's Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Rapper Cardi B attend the Billboard 2018 R&B Hip-Hop Power Players event at Legacy Records on September 27, 2018 in New York City.

Cardi B and Meek Mill expressed outrage on Instagram yesterday after news that New York inmate, Anthony Myrie, died in prison. The two artists suggested that prison officials are trying to cover-up the real reason for the man's death. The increase of attention on Myrie's death has sparked an official response from Greene Correctional Facility.

New York Department of Corrections spokesperson Thomas Mailey told TMZ the death of Myrie "appears to be consistent with sudden cardiac arrest." Mailey explained the prison doesn't typically release information pertaining to the death of inmates in the midst of investigation but they decided against it this time around due to "the abundance of misinformation in circulation."

Meek and Cardi shared messages from Myrie's family which alleged the prison guards had a role in the man's death. The message also accused prison guards of lying about the whereabouts of Myrie's corpse to "buy time to cover this up."

Mailey said Myrie was involved in a scrap with three inmates but the officers intervened. He said the body was examined after the incident and Myrie didn't sustain injuries, according to the medical staff.

Mailey also said Myrie complained about chest pains after while he was waiting to be questioned by the prison's staff. He collapsed and became "unconscious and unresponsive" after he was taken back to the medical unit. He was pronounced dead after being transferred to Albany Medical Center. Mailey said an initial autopsy report indicated Myrie had no body trauma and "the cause of death appears to be consistent with sudden cardiac arrest."

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