Stalley Leaps Over Hell On “Human”

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After splitting from Maybach Music Group, Ohio rapper Stalley continued to deliver his message through his craft. His latest EP,Human, is a collection of introspective musings. Stream the title track below.

When he released the Migos-featured "My Line" in 2017, Stalley commented on the process that would lead to the release of his trio of EPs. He revealed how his departure from the collective was essential to the expansion of his musical universe. "I felt like I brought a vision over there with an opportunity that was great for me, but my vision wasn't able to get all the way through. In order for me to be great and to provide for my fanbase like I want to, I have to step out and do it myself," he stated.

Quotable Lyrics

No price on these raps
These words cost much more
Love costs not a penny so why they hatin' for?
Investing all your time in the negative
While your mind in hell I'm tryna find where the heavens is

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