Q Da Fool & Kenny Beats Get The “Drop” On Their Opponents

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In the age where a 6-track project is the regular soda size, Q Da Fool's Bad Influence with Kenny Beats hits all the right spots. The cognitive dissonance standing between Q Da Fool's insinuation of a threat, and Kenny Beats' fluty plug-in, ushers in a dissociative spell lasting just under 20 minutes. Right from the outset, Kenny's work on "Drop" sets the tone for an abrupt transition into Q's innermost thoughts. Never one to show himself too friendly, Q Da Fool is nevertheless the same level p-noid, even with Kenny Beats' sturdy hand on the boards.

Those "in the know" will place be able to trace his drawl to outer regions of the Mid Atlantic States; the rest of the hip-hop community will rate him based on his adaptive appeal. Roc Nation signed Q under the assumption there is plenty of wiggle room and talent to get things right. Now that Bad Influence has come out – exceeding expectation, Jigga's holding company looks all the wiser.

Quotable Lyrics:

Got her legs up (Legs up), like a Tesla truck
B*tch said I fucked her bed up, uh, made her catch the nut
I got n****s in the feds but that time don't get the best of them
I gotta keep one in the head, bruh, get caught without it then you're fuckin' dead.

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