Clairmont The Second Glows Up On “Do You Drive?” Project

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Clairmont The Second is setting himself up as the next biggest artist out of the six. While his music has already earned him a growing fanbase over the years, his latest project, Do You Drive?, was created without too much consideration for what they might have been expecting of his artistry. The rapper commented on how he keeps the element of authenticity intact throughout his creative process.

"I'm not really trying to please anybody. That's a big thing. I think, when you're trying to keep a fan base, you find yourself not being able to make what you want to make," he said. "You keep trying to fill this mould. I'm making what naturally comes to me and doing whatever I want musically. Hopefully, I'll have fans who are more interested in growing with me, as opposed to liking me for one thing."

Track List
1. Hold
2. Po'
3. Grip
4. Grace
5. Grain
6. Brick
7. Lume
8. Word

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