Jordan Hollywood Channels ‘Nam In “EXPLOSION” Video

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In his latest set of visuals, QC signee Jordan Hollywood takes a trip back to a war-torn Vietnam in May of 1969 to provide the proper setting for his "EXPLOSION" track.

“I’ve been using the same director, Christian Breslauer, since I was 17,” the 25-year -old tells VIBE. “He did these war videos back then on a shi**y camera that still looked good. Fast forward to now, we were sitting at his house and I was like, 'Yo, remember those war videos you made back then? Let’s do something like that for “EXPLOSION.'”

The track can be found on Hollywood's FINALLY EP, which arrived back in November. This video is only the latest in a string of promotional pieces still pushing the effort forward. Watch it in full up top.

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