The Weeknd Is Re-selling The Stylish Merch Collection From His Asia Tour

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The Weeknd Is Re-selling The Stylish Merch Collection From His Asia Tour
The Weeknd

In honor of his first-ever tour in Asia, The Weeknd will be re-releasing his merch table as a 96-hour capsule available to all-comers. The Weeknd experienced eight major metropoles before calling it a day: Hong Kong, Bankok, Singapore, Manila, Bali, Taipei, Seoul, and Tokyo. The locals in every one of those cities were given priority access to the collection, before yielding to Global demands.

Photo by Emanuele D'Angelo

The Asian tour merch, based in a simple Black-Red color motif, includes two t-shirts, two long sleeves, a hoodie, two caps, a bomber jacket, a face mask, and a ranger vest particular to The Weeknd's own dressing habits (on stage). One of the t-shirts being offered might even appeal to the critics who abhor The Weeknd's, seeing as it depicts the forcible removal of his head, from his body.

Face Mask
Photo by Emanuele D'Angelo

Photo by Emanuele D'Angelo

Some of you, may not readily understand the utility of a face mask, or its appropriation (as a merch item), but if you've spent any time in Asia, you'll have seen its common usage in daily life, as an anti-viral, and a vanity item. The Weeknd doesn't f*ck when it comes to his bottom line. The rest of the items included in the capsule are far more common to Western consumers. Check out the eStore right here, while the getting is good – for another 96 hours.

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