MadeinTYO Takes Us To Japan In “Retro 88″ Visuals

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MadeinTYO has been elusive at times, but 2019 may be the year he opens up his lane. He launched his debut album Sincerely, Tokyo back in October, which was highly anticipated for those who followed TYO's come up. As a freshman in the game, TYO made a name for himself with inventive verses and mixtapes, and his debut was regarded as a success. To start off 2019, TYO has touched down with visuals for “Retro 88,” a futuristic trap jam off his album.

Directed by Tatsuaki, the "Retro 88" video heads to Tokyo and highlights MadeinTYO in his old neighborhood. He skateboards down narrow streets, heads to the local sneaker shop, and marches down the roads of Japan. The visuals crackle and pop, splashing color and animation onto the screen for added stimulation. The Far East is a wondrous place. Later this month, MadeinTYO will embark on his Sincerely, Tokyo Tour with Thutmose and KEY!

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