Lil Keed Brings His “It’s Up Freestyle” To The Streets

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Out of everybody coming up from Atlanta right now, Lil Keed is one of the most exciting young talents. Keed is coming up under Young Thug's tutelage and the reason why is pretty obvious in his music. The two sound damn near identical at times with the young rapper emulating his mentor with a high-pitched squeal on the regular. Keed and his brother Lil Gotit have garnered lots of attention in the last few months and Keed plans to keep the train moving, releasing a brand new video for his "It's Up Freestyle."

Last month, the YSL Records artist unleashed a new freestyle to complement his Keed Talk To 'Em project. He's giving it tons of attention, expecting the song to blow up and filming a video for the effort. The clip is pretty straightforward with shots of the rapper flexing in front of graffitied walls and expensive cars.

What are your thoughts on the new video?

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