Kehlani Looks Like She’s About To Pop In Gorgeous Maternity Photos

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Kehlani Looks Like She's About To Pop In Gorgeous Maternity Photos

Kehlani is nearing the end of her pregnancy but that doesn't mean she's been slowing down on her musical career. Just yesterday she shared a song and video for her new Ty Dolla $ign featured track "Nights Like This" that dropped while she was on set for another music video. The 23-year-old has now found time to pose for a lovely maternity shoot featuring her self and her growing baby bump.

The photos below show the "Honey" singer glowing with her bump on full display. "Us ft our lemon tree," she captions one image.

The next two images read a caption "A & I" that has us wondering if her daughter's name will start with an 'A'?

"Listen to her heart. Be gentle with herself because she is going to make mistakes," Kehlani said when discussing advice she plans on giving her daughter.

"Be fearless, but even if she does get completely engulfed in fear at times, it does not in any way make her weak. She will grow up knowing compassion is a gift. I will remind her that she is whatever she wants to be, and that sometimes that changes. I have a feeling she will be giving me a lot of advice when she is 23. She will be better than me in any and every aspect. I can’t wait to learn from her."

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