Jeremih Fills The Surrogate Lover Role On Zhavia’s “Candlelight”

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Zhavia Ward is going to let her Kindle battery run out, and nothing's going to stop her. As for her romantic pursuits, she definitely wants the lights on at all times. Since finishing in one of the runner-up positions on The Four: Battle for Stardom, Zhavia is asking for a bit of leeway from her big label representatives over at Columbia. She would nonetheless be hardpressed to complain about her handling thus far. Zhavia has a "sellable" look, likening her to duet in several generic fields of music, as evidenced by her consortium with Diplo and Lil Pump on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack.

Her latest musical offering is actually re-tread from the summer months. This time around, Zhavia has repackaged her "Candlelight" with a hetero singing part, assumed by Jeremih. What the song might lack in inherent musicality, it makes up for with emotional resonance. Zhavia told Genius the inspiration for the song arose from a "really hard time I went through in my life where I was very depressed." That might be reason enough for an emotional wiretap into the situation, for lack of a better "voyeuristic" hobby.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ooh, angel from an angle
Hold on to intangibles
Gripping on a handle
I can't put a finger on it, no, no, no, no
Angel from an angle
So hard to see the halo.


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