Cupcakke Drops New Single “Squidward Nose”

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CupcakKe never ceases to amaze with her imaginative lyrics about sexual exploits and crude humor. The young Chicago rapper continues to display her penchant for everything explicit with her latest single "Squidward Nose." Even those who have never watched Spongebob Squarepants know Squidward due to his starring role in some of the most popular memes on the planet. Cupcakke uses Squidward's nose to give listeners a vivid comparison to something that she really loves.

Cupcakke's single comes just days after she posted a suicidal message on social media. She was taken to the hospital, where she received help, stating, "I’ve been fighting with depression for the longest. sorry that I did it public last night but I’m ok .I went to the hospital & im finally getting the help that I need to get through , be happy , & deliver great music."

Quotable Lyrics
My eyelash flew off
When I saw that dick was too soft (What the fuck?)
Need a dick like Rick Ross
Or Dora the Explorer get lost

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