Strick’s “See You When I Land” Features Young Thug, Gunna, & More

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The YSL Records team just keeps on expanding with fresh talent. With Young Thug at the steering wheel, Strick is hitting a new stride by coming through with a loaded EP today. As expected, there are some pretty big features on here but for the most part, Strick is doing the damage himself. Young Thug, Gunna and Duke are featured on See You When I Land, which is officially out now on YouTube. Given his alignment to YSL, that specific list makes sense.

In addition to the EP, Strick released a trailer to complement his vision. The North Carolina rapper spoke to Complex about it, saying, "I wanted to create an experience that was just as creative and unique as my style of music and felt that giving the listener a visual trailer that embodied the conceptual theme of See You When I Land was important."

What are your thoughts?


1. The Loop
2. Benji
3. Election Day
4. Diamonds Polish
5. Big Apple (feat. Young Thug)
6. Wishing On A Star
7. Hibachi (feat. Duke)
8. Pour A Pint (feat. Gunna)
9. Slime Neighbors
10. All Worth It
11. Tables Turn
12. Legends Never Die (L.N.D.)

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