Sneaker Customizer Unveils Terry Rozier’s “Rick & Morty” Puma Clydes

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Sneaker Customizer Unveils Terry Rozier's "Rick & Morty" Puma Clydes

Boston Celtics point guard Terry Rozier inked a deal with Puma this past Summer, making him one of the few non-rookie NBA players to sign with the revived brand.

As part of his deal, Rozier has been rocking the Puma Clyde on-court this season, including a number of different PEs that have not yet released. Adding to his collection of Puma Clydes is a custom "Rick & Morty" rendition, which we expect to see on the feet of Rozier in the near future.

As seen in the photos shared by well known sneaker customizer @Kickstradomis, Rozier's Puma Clydes draw on inspiration from his "Scary Terry" nickname, which was derived from the hit tv show Rick & Morty.

Check out some of the Rick & Morty scenes featuring Scary Terry in the video embedded below, and be on the lookout for Rozier's custom Puma Clydes in an upcoming Celtics game.

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