Jordan Peele’s Upcoming Series “Weird City” Is The Ultimate Sci-Fi Comedy

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Jordan Peele's Upcoming Series "Weird City" Is The Ultimate Sci-Fi Comedy

Jordan Peele already has us ready for his upcoming film Us that's a theatrical follow-up to his Academy Award-winning film, Get Out. The trailer debuted on Christmas day and showed us almost everything that can go wrong when a family takes a trip out of town to their beach house. Fans have already come up with some crazy wild theories on the film, as they count down to the premiere date.

Jordan has not stopped working though, the writer and director has teamed up with Charlie Sanders for an upcoming series titled Weird City. The trailer debuted today and from first glimpse the title really lives up to its name, as it depicts the lives of people who live in lower class below "the line."

"In this dystopian setting of our show, the middle class has completely vanished dividing Weird City into two sections: Above the Line (The Haves), and Below the Line (The Have Nots)," the description of the show reads. "Presiding over the denizens of the city is the strange and mysterious Dr. Negari, who weaves all of our stories together. Each episode is a topic that pertains to present day life in America and the world: social media addiction, online dating, fitness obsession, etc.. WEIRD CITY captures the unease of modern urban living, in a bizarre and peculiar lens."

The show stars LeVar Burton, Steven Yeun, Gillian Jacobs, Awkwafina, Laverne Cox, Rosario Dawson, Michael Cera and more. Peep the full trailer below and stream it on YouTube, if you have a premium account.

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