Aaliyah’s “More Than A Woman” Is Her Coming-Of-Age Story

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Aaliyah's name deserves a bespoken status all its own, free of the entangled posed by her association with R. Kelly's entanglement. That's why our latest Throwback Thursday passes GO right into adulthood. After freeing herself of contempt, Aaliyah found a new alternative to her mentorship plan in Timbaland, who fought hard to resist his impulses and keep things professional.

And thus, an incredible partnership was born out of Aaliyah's malleable talent. With Timbaland in the fold, more attention was paid to choreography – the uptempo shift giving rise to the clear partition of her traditional R&B catalog, and her predestined course as a pop sensation.

By the time "More Than a Woman" dropped several months after her untimely death, Aaliyah's notoriety had crept back into the minds of the public, her handlers lamenting their decision to push "We Need a Resolution" as the lead single, due to poor sales figures – giving way to "More Than a Woman," the first of many posthumous, YET planned ventures off her self-titled LP. Aaliyah will ultimately be viewed as a self-aggrandizing moment for a burgeoning teenage star, who'd finally grown tall enough to reach the pedals all by herself.

Quotable Lyrics:

Midnight grindin'
My heart rate's climbin'
You go, I go
Cause we share pillows
Chase me, leave me
There's still no separating
Morning massages
With new bones in your closet.

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