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Mikey Alfred might be the hardest working young filmmaker we know. While co-producing Mid90s with Jonah Hill, his street team of Illegal Civ skaters and filmer Davonte Jolly have been in the trenches finishing IC3. You already know what to expect, and this third installment promises to be the best total package of hijinks, personality quirks, comedy, and skating yet. Another cult-classic star is born.

Mikey Alfred

Illegal Civ videos are always really different from other skate videos, is IC3 going to be different from even previous IC videos?
Yeah, IC videos are different because of the music switches, the color palette, and the way that we focus on peoples' personalities and little quirks. That's almost as important as the skating. IC3 we've been working on for three years, it has so many hijinks, so much stuff in there we've been sitting on for three years. When people see it, they're going to be blown away. It's the best skate video I've ever made.

You had some interesting ideas of how you wanted to roll it out, with Vice and HBO, right?
The people at Vice we were working with all quit, so that plan kind of fell apart. So now it's like The Carter V, where we have this fire, fire movie and we're waiting to see what the best play is for the wide release. The LA premiere is October 28 for sure.

Of course you were involved in getting the guys on Ballers, yeah?
My friend Scott Vener had been talking about it for the past five years, he said, "I wanna get you guys on HBO, let's make this happen." It was supposed to happen in the first season, then in the second season—it was all about patience and knowing that it would eventually work out. Then I started becoming friends with Stephen Levinson who is the executive producer of Ballers. He's done a bunch of shows on HBO like Boardwalk Empire and Entourage. He was saying when the storyline is right, we're gonna put you guys in. It's not just gonna be a quick cameo, we're going to make you a real story point. I was like, okay, I'm ready. When that phone rings, we're going to come do it. Fast forward to season four, four years later, Levinson gives me a call one day and says, "We're really gonna do it, are you ready?" I was like, let's do it. We showed up on set, we got our own trailers. Me, Aramis, Ryder, Nico, Gary Rogers, it was incredible.

How did you balance finishing IC3 and working on Mid90s with Jonah Hill at the same time?
So much of that was Davonte Jolly. While I would be working with Jonah on Mid90s and really committing myself to that project, Jolly was out in the streets getting it done.

Are you thinking about working on the next IC video, or do you have other plans for the brand after this?
Davonte Jolly is going to hopefully make his own first full-length. He's going to take the cast, of course the IC skaters, and other people. For me, I'm working on another movie that will hopefully come out in 2020. It's going to be called North Hollywood. It's about a kid who wants to be a skater, but his dad wants him to go to college. It's about that moment when we want to do one thing, but our parents want us to do the safer thing. We've all been there, whether it's skating or music or art.

Aramis Hudson, switch 180 to crooked grind. Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Sam Muller

Kevin White, feeble grind. MACBA, Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Sam Muller

Ryder McLaughlin, feeble grind. Glendale, CA. Photo: Ben Colen

Zach Saraceno, nollie flip. Riverside, CA. Photo: Sam Muller

Kevin White:

Working on this video has been an actual pleasure. I love the way things worked out! I'm so happy to have a squad that's family amongst the rest of our families. You know, we're all from different places, but are here for the same reasons. I love that. I love them and I love that this will be shared with the world soon and I know you'll love it too! It's far from over after this. Keep your eyes peeled, we coming in hot. It's regular!

Aramis Hudson:

IC3 and every other IC video are the best skate videos that are hard to classify as "skate." Illegal Civilization is a talented group of individuals that skate, but we do much more. I don't film and tally up the days I've been filming for, but I haven't skated in six months due to a broken ankle in late April, so sorry if my part is trash (laughs). We're unique because we skate! I'm lying, we don't skate! IC3 October, our premiere will go crazy, that's a fact.

Zach Saraceno:

You can expect a whole different kind of skate film because it's not just skating; everyone has unique personalities and talents that the video shows. I got on the team almost a year and a half ago so I probably spent a year and a half filming for it, but I was in high school at the time so I couldn't come skate with them every day in LA. The video is special because everyone that's a part of Illegal Civ is really different and has so many things besides skating that they do and the video shows it pretty well.

Check out photos from the IC3 premiere!

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