Posthumous Michael Jackson Songs Confirmed to be an Impersonator

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This week Sony has admitted to releasing three fake Michael Jackson songs on posthumous 2010 album, Michael, Vulture reports. The tracks have been confirmed as being sung by impersonator Jason Malachi, who supposedly admitted to the hoax back in 2011, according to TMZ. The songs in question are “Breaking News,” “Keep Your Head Up,” and the 50 Cent-assisted “Monster.”

In 2010 the Jackson family proclaimed that multiple tracks on Michael were not the work of the legendary pop musician. Subsequently, an enthusiastic fan by the name of Vera Serova filed a class-action lawsuit against the album’s producers in 2014. This week Sony has conceded that the work is indeed fraudulent.

In response, however, Sony now insists that they were lawful in promoting the release as a Michael Jackson album, even if not all songs were actually sung by the King of Pop.

For more on the story, visit Vulture.

Earlier this month Post Malone bested one of Michael Jackson’s previous Billboard records.

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